#Holidaydoubleslay: Surprise from Mustang Sally Two and Torrid

Well hello everyone! I hope you are enjoying your weekend so far, I know it’s been a jam packed couple weeks for me editing photos for the #holidaydoubleslay by Lisa aka Mustang sally two

Dress, shoes and bracelets all from Torrid

What I didn’t know when I arrived to the shoot at 9am in the morning, was that Lisa had a HUGE surprise for me. Of course I was in work mode, then she told me I wouldn’t just be shooting all the looks but I would be modelling a look for my favourite brand Torrid, I was so shocked! If you want to see my reaction it will be featured in full on IGTV on @mustangsallytwo instagram.

Me and Lisa are a similar size so it’s lovely having someone who gets me and my style

Lisa has been doing the #holidaydoubleslay for 3 years now and I am so grateful to have been part of it this year both in front and behind the camera (and editing of course). If you haven’t checked it out yet you totally should, the link is here

Lisa was kind enough to surprise me and I am truly grateful for her friendship
Outfits are both from
Dresses / Jackets / Shoes / Jewelry
Bags are vintage and models own

It was lovely being dressed by Lisa, she knows what I like but she also has a great eye for details, she coordinates and showcases things like no one else. I would never have known how to put this together. It was totally me though! I LOVE everything sparkly and purple. My hair surprisingly (is it really though?) matched too! Check us out, aren’t we cute?!

Ready for a night out on the town!

So what do I think about the outfit? I absolutely loved how this felt on my skin. The top is soft black material that will fit to any shape and size, then the skirt part of the dress was stunning. I genuinely felt like a million bucks in this, it was a wonderful change to my work clothes. Thank you Lisa for this lovely surprise and all the work you put into it, from organizing the outfit, picking it up and all the behind the scenes work people don’t get to hear about. Lisa is great at what she does for a reason, because shes fantastic at bringing everything together, people, brands, purpose and so much more. (Did your head swell yet Lisa? hehe) Thank you for the seen and more so unseen hard work you do for us all.

My favourite photo from this set, I was channeling my inner diva

So did you enjoy our double slay? Let me know in the comments!  Torrid is by far my favourite plus size brand, I can speak genuinely from the heart as a big girl from UK who had no options to come to Canada and find Torrid for the first time its opened so many possibilities for me.

Please take a moment to check out the links below. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with happy memories and blessed days ahead.

Special thanks to Lisa / Mustangsallytwo for putting all the time into this surprise for me and being a top secret agent in pulling it off.

Photography by Rebecca of Rebecca Northcott Photography and my husband Mark Northcott for the solo and duo shots.

Special thanks to Petula of Image Makeup Artistry for the amazing make up look on Lisa

Special thanks to Christina of Makeup by Christina for the amazing hair and makeup on me

Shop my look:

|Jacket by TORRID | Dress by TORRID |Shoes by TORRID | Jewelry by TORRID |


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